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Freddy Nock is a worldwide exeptional talent. No skyscraper, no mountain and no lake is safe from him.

Freddy Nock, known as the world's best high wire runner, seeks in his stunts the ultimate challenge for body and mind. Faithful to his motto 'The Sky is the Limit' Freddy explores the borderline upwards physically and technically. 

With his current world record attempts at altitudes between 5,000 and 10,000 meters, he sets new benchmarks in his discipline. His stunts cast a spell over his fans and audience alike.

Let yourself be inspired...

Artist Lounge

Freddy Nock received his talents while still in the cradle. In 1964 he was born into the artist family Nock. Already as a child, he made the first attempts on a rope and at eleven he began with the high rope run. The first thirty years were marked by traveling as a circus artist around the world, until the five-time family man left his circus life behind and established himself with his actual 22 world records as a solo artist and extreme athlete. Freddy Nock is now recognized worldwide as the best high wire runner of his time.


The balancing act between an international exceptional talent and caring father is probably one of his biggest stunt's. As a public person, Freddy identifies with his origins, his family and his loyal fans. This is also reflected in his performances and social media posts.


Freddy Nock's bag of tricks is hugely. Because in addition to his supreme discipline, the high wire run "high wire extreme", he has done several stunts in the past. He has professionalized some of these acts over the years and brings them to his best in world-famous shows, including his daredevil and spectacular death wheel or motorcycle shows.

News & Events

Countless stories have already been written about Freddy Nock, and the latest ones can be found here. Fascinating adventures in the rugged and inhospitable regions of the Alps, world records that make his fans tremble, as well as upcoming events, news and background reports. Keep up to date and visit Freddy Nock in one of his daredevil performances high above the skies.


Mission accomplished

For the extreme artist is fact: The Sky is the Limit! This is proven by his countless world records, championship titles and his numerous entries in the Guinness Book of Records. He achieved a true masterpiece in 2011 with his series "7 Records in 7 Days": Within a week, Freddy set records one after the other in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The chronology of his records shows the consistency and extreme focus of his work over the past twenty years.


Bronze for solo high wire number at the festival "Mondial du Cirque de Demain".


Silver clown for “7-man-pyramid on the High Wire” at the international circus festival in Monte Carlo together with the “White Angels” troupe.


 1.Guiness World Record for running on a suspension cable on the Signalbahn in St. Moritz / Switzerland; Distance: 734 meters


2. World Record as the fastest rope runner on the cable car in Füssen / Germany; Distance: 80 meters in 2 minutes and 27 seconds with a 36%.


I with my partner Mica Mijiddorj won the Golden Horse and golden Star for the High Wire act  and the wheel of death, at the Circus Festival in Böblingen.


3. World Record on TV show in Germany “Mega Clever” on Pro7 for driving six motorcycles in a steel ball with a diameter of 4.90 meters.


5. World Record as the first runner to cover a distance of 1222.7 meters on the cable car Säntis in Switzerland.


4. World Record at the TV Show RTL Spendenmarathon with Joey Kelly for the longest run in a death wheel; Duration: 24 hours.


7. World Record for the High Wire run with a balancing pole and a gradient of 36.5% on the cable car Zugspitze in Germany; Distance: 995 meters in 50 minutes.


6. World Record for fastest High Wire Runner in Korea; Distance: 1 kilometer, duration: 10 minutes and 18 seconds.


8. World Record as the first runner on the cable car over 500 meters in Zhangjiajiee / China; Duration: 20 minutes.


9. World Record as the longest.High Wire Run across the Lake Zurich; Length: 900 meters, height: 30 meters.


10. World Record as the highest High Wire Run ever run on the carrying cable of the Corvatsch Cable Car Wire (3303 meters above sea level) downhill.

2011 - 7 Rekorde in 7 Tagen. 

1. World Record Highest High Wire Run without a balancing pole over the cable car Zugspitze in Germany at an altitude of 3000 meters; Distance: 995 meters with an incline of 36.5%


2. World Record High Wire Run with an incline of 37.6% on the Cable Car wire Feuerkogel in Austria, distance: 2700 meters.


3. World Record Longest High Wire Run on the cable car Diavolezza / Switzerland; Distance: 3540 meters, duration: 2 hours 20 minutes.


4. World Record
Längster downhill high wire run on Piz Corvatsch / Switzerland, distance: 1600 meters.


5./6. World RecordHighest run on a taut rope on the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, distance: 160 meters, altitude: 3400 meters.


7. World Record Longest High Wire Run without protection on Lake Thunersee Switzerland, distance: 2169 meters; Duration: 3 hours.


11. World record for the longest continuous sitting on a chair on a high wire with 7 hours and 7 minutes.

12. Guinness World Record as the highest high wire act ever run between 2 mountain peaks at 3582 m above sea level. Distance: 347m, 1000m free fall under my feet Time: 39 minutes

13. World Record for high wire championships still the fastest high wire runner Gold in China

14. World record - steepest rope run, length: 40m, gradient: 38%, China


16. Weltrekord

2 new records in one day.

Steepest and longest 495m bicycle ride on the high wire, gradient 3.7%, Erlenbach on Zürichsee Switzerland

17. Weltrekord -Running Wire Man “, fastest rope runner in the world, China

18. World record - endurance running on the wheel of death. Time: 25 hours


19. World record - long-term sitting on the high wire sitting on a Chair. Time: 8h 30m 55s



On June 23, 2020 on the Glacier 3000 cable car 3 new records in one day!


1 world record - steepest cable run on the cable car, length: 40m, gradient: 39.1%, height 110m

2 world record - longest rope ride with a bicycle on a cable car from Drehmoment Bikes length 367m - height 175.5

3 world record - completely blind with a light-tight helmet 151.1m - height 175.5 



Freddy Nock




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